16 Signs You Might Be a Real Estate Agent

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You may have read Part 1 of this article, but if not, don’t click here to read it now. Instead, read this this one first, out of order. Because you’re a rebel like that.

You know you’re a real estate agent when…

1. You remember EVERY house you ever sold.

2. You save ALL receipts, especially when meeting friends or clients for lunch. Receipts = write-offs and Realtors love write-offs!

3. When driving around to run errands, you subconsciously track the mileage to and from the grocery store, the bank, and the dry cleaners.

4. When at the grocery store, you see wine on sale and buy it by the case load.

5. When leaving the grocery store, you have to move dozens of open house signs out of the way in your trunk in order to allow your groceries to fit.


6. When you drive through your neighborhood, you slow-roll by any home with another agent’s sign on the lawn, and then immediately look it up in the MLS to scope out your competition.

7. You almost always type in your lockbox code on your microwave.

8. You suck at math and depend on a calculator to provide a seller the breakdown of costs, but you can figure out 3% in your head, in two seconds!

9. You are one helluva negotiator and always get amazing deals at garage sales! You end up winning the bid because you explain that the item is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay, and convince them it’s overpriced.

10. Your phone rings and alerts you with texts pretty much all hours of the day, and this is totally normal. This image is indelibly etched into your brain:

Via ideine.fr

11. You answer your phone, “Hi this is (your name) with ABC Realty, how can I help you?” even though it was your mom, your kid’s school, or doctor’s office calling.

12. You remember EVERY co/op agent you’ve ever worked with. Some, more than others.

13. Your schedule changes day by day and sometimes several times a day, so you rely heavily on your calendar. Trying to squeeze in a quick hair appointment, or find time to go to the bank or return an item you bought a month ago requires some creative juggling and excellent time management skills.

14. When someone asks to see recent photos of your kids, you whip out your phone and have to scroll through HUNDREDS of photos of homes you listed or sold and funny real estate memes, until you can get to them.

15. You have a diverse wardrobe: classy & sophisticated suits for closings, semi-dressy attire for meetings and luncheons, business casual yet comfortable pants and polos for showings, and broken in jeans and t-shirts for inspections or showings to close friends or family that you don’t care to dress up for. Don’t get me started on the shoes!

16. You cringe and feel your blood pressure rise when you hear a commercial for Zillow or Quicken Rocket Loans!

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