9 Signs Your Kids Are Destined To Sell Real Estate When They Grow Up

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1. You could negotiate your way into (or out of) anything.


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2. You sat in the back of the class because you realized seating arrangements were all about location, location, location.

3. While your friends collected paltry “allowance money”, you were bagging hefty commissions for saving seats for your classmates.


4. While your friends were playing house, you were playing “open house”.

5. You were voted class president due to your charming, magnetic personality.


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6. Kids cheated off your paper. Particularly on math tests. Even more particularly on math tests which involved percentages.


7. You were unbeatable at Monopoly.


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8. You had to fight the urge to get up and start staging the classroom.


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9. You flipped tree houses on summer break.


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