We Asked Our Fans To Caption Awkward Real Estate Pics. They Did NOT Disappoint.

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Wanna know what makes us feel all warm and fuzzy here at the Lighter Side? Making you laugh. But sometimes there’s a role reversal where YOU make US laugh. We love when that happens.

Every so often we hold a caption contest on our Facebook Page. This is where we post up funny house photos… and you do the rest. And boy do you deliver. Sit back and enjoy this hilarious compilation of winning captions.

1. “This home will bridge the gap between mediocrity and awesomeness! (Low deductible auto insurance recommended!!)”

Caption by: Janine Sasso

Via Imgur | WhosBarryBadrinath

2. “This one is going to fly off the market!”

Caption by: Rachel Hettler Hoten

Via Pinterest

3. “For Snail by Owner”

Caption by: Lauren Greve

Via Pinterest

4. “Moooooooove in ready.”

Caption by: Leah Scudder

Via IBC Focus

5. “Your Window of Opportunity!”

Caption by: Cassie Irving

Via Pinterest

6. “And here we have the “formal” game room.”

Caption by: Sophie Ricci

Via ABCTopPictures.net

7. “An udderly fantastic home!”

Caption by: Ken Robins


8. “I don’t get the question? I’m in Arkansas. This is standard…”

Caption by: Jana Caldwell

Via Pinterest

9. “All the home inspector said is that a fan needed to be installed in the attic, why did we need a licensed contractor for that???”

Caption by: Matthew Crofcheck

Photo sent in by: Samantha Severa

10. “Owner is a handyman and willing to make additional repairs.”

Caption by: Tracie Cope

Photo sent in by: Steve SchraderBachar

11. “This is a UFO. Under Foreclosure Obviously”

Caption by: Shannon Miller

Via Twitter

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12. “The Zestimate is $567,000! It’s a total steal at $65,900! Don’t miss out!”

Caption by: Beth Jones

Photo sent in by: Cody Morey

13. “Hot deal ‘brewing’! While not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, savvy investors can ‘handle’ this ‘stout’ opportunity! (It’s STEEPED in character.)”

Caption by: Paula Can Braha

Via Pinterest

14. “Can’t you see yourself in this bathroom?”

Caption by: Eve Hill

Via Huffington Post

15. “Features rock solid foundation!”

Caption by: Sophie Ricci

Via Awesome Inventions

16. “This house will definitely grow on you.”

Caption by: Kina Foster Theivagt

Via Pinterest

17. “This beautiful San Francisco studio comes fully furnished for only $4500 a month.”

Caption by: Khristian Ramirez Avelar

Photo sent in by: Vicki Moore

18. “Beautiful, formal dining room…older style security system included”

Caption by: Rachel Hettler Hoten

Photo sent in by: Stacey Ray

19. “And here we have the house that was responsible for the invention of HOAs”

Caption by: Heather Carpini

Via Pinterest

20. “Check out the “curve” appeal!”

Caption by: Shannon Miller

Via Pinterest

21. “Could be a heavy lien on this place.”

Caption by: Marina Freeman

Via Pinterest

22. “Little Ms. Muffett has FINALLY decided to SELL!”

Caption by: DeeDee Hart Smallwood

Via Pinterest

23. “This amazing deal can be spotted from a mile away!”

Caption by: Zach Pagel

Via Pinterest

24. “This one really stacks up!”

Caption by: Michael Simons

Via Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

25. “No harmful chemicals in this pool! It’s 100% “green!”

Caption by: Elicia Williamson Josselet

Via Pinterest