27 Creative Business Cards To Stimulate Your Inner Marketing Genius

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When you hand someone your business card, you’re giving them a small, but important introduction to who you are.

Much like resumes and cover letters, a business card can easily get lost in the piles of other cards your prospects and clients are receiving on a daily basis. So you want to make yours stand-out.

I know what you might be thinking. “Business cards never get my attention. Just boring rectangles with text and a few colors? Little impact, if any.”

Well, when you have a look at these innovative cards, you might just change your tune!

1. Nothing says you stand out like having your face pop up in a business card. Design by REACTOR.

2. Diesel Design created these handy tabbed cards for easy filing.

3. Here’s something fancy from Davide Gasperini.

4. Who’s at the top of Google search? You are! This card shows a strategy for getting high rankings.

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5. Need a web programmer? Check out this guy’s attention grabbing design.

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6. Stimulate your client’s inner child through this fun lego “card”.

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7. Talk about planting seeds in memory. What a great way to grow their business.

8. They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. I say it works for everyone.

These gram cracker cards from Dizzy Design, and beef jerky cards from Rethink Canada are excellent examples of how to creatively appeal to your clients various needs. Just remind them to write down your info before munching down.

9. This multi-tool card is yet another design from Rethink Canada which caters to various needs.

10. If you’re in the food biz, a pocket sized cheese grater is sure to leave an impression.

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11. This stylish wooden card not only looks great, but really stands out when you hold it.

12. This personal trainer got creative with the material and concept. You have to exercise a little to reveal his contact info.

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13. If you’re a photographer, this fun concept allows someone to put themselves in your shoes.

14. A great card for letting a client know you’ll be fully transparent with them.

15. Reality augmentation may be the most entertaining way to ramp up your business card appeal.

Via Andy Signer Designer

16. Unique shapes, texture and bright colors tend to keep attention.

17. Miniaturize your business cards with MOO Inc.

18. Your prospect might appreciate a card that doubles as a cup holder.

19. Double sided means double the creative fun.

20. This one emphasizes facebook preference like a boss.

21. Customize your own original impression with personalizing stamps.

22. Creative and meaningful visual effects are almost impossible to forget.

23. No, these aren’t skateboards for smurfs. These are business cards designed for Powell Peralta by JukeBoxPrint.

24. Wave down your client’s attention with this pop-up card.

25. Even a simple card that can make someone feel good about themselves is bound to be remembered.

26. Sometimes you just need a silly alias to boost rapport.

27. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shows us how it’s done with punched-card design.