28 Super Clever Home Upgrades Worth Every Penny

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Need to add some extra functionality or aesthetic appeal to your home? Want some ideas with a little pazaz and a lot of style? Here are 28 ideas that will make your day!

1. Help educate yourself and your neighbors with a book trade dropbox.

Here’s how you can build one yourself.

2. Who doesn’t appreciate an luxury showerhead? But with that kind of water flow? Wow.

$159 from Zoe Industries.

3. Seriously, what is the point in “face drawers?” How about making an accessible place for storing paper towels?

4. Or how about a place for an extra power outlet?


5. There are so many possibilities with counter “dead space.” How about storage for non-refrigerated food items?

6. Foldable drying racks are excellent space savers.

…and this one is available here.

7. Sylish, dutch half doors are awesome for making a doorway more interesting.

Get a DIY for this project here.

8. Take sanitation to the next level with multiple toilet seats and tabs.

9. Turn your shower into a visually stimulating experience with heat sensing, color changing tiles.

Get them here.

10. There are many ways to arrange furniture and other resources to save space while keeping things accessible.

11. Recessed outlets are perfect for getting your furniture and appliances to fit snugly against the wall.

More information here.

12. Imagine the possibilities with drawer outlets.

13. Hide outlets underneath your cabinets for visual aesthetics.

14. Stainless steel contact paper makes for a perfect way to upgrade the appeal of your larger appliances.

See the DIY guide here.

15. Slide out drawers made for spices and condiments. Needs we say more?

16. Here is a grocery door between the garage and pantry. Brilliant!

17. Kids love porthole tunnels for playroom access!

18. Space agey and padded portholes are the best.

19. A dead space cabinet is awesome for storing away odds and ends.

20. Add style (and space management) to your morning wake-up routine with a slide out coffee bar.

The same idea can apply to other smaller sized appliances.

21. Combine cutting board and scrap disposal with your counter space.

22. Whether you need to clean muddy shoes, or your pets, these showers are an awesome addition to garages and washrooms.

23. Sun tunnels are a fantastic way to light up your life.

These are available, but require professional installation.

24. Give your kids a space saving boost with a slide out step.

25. Have a snug bar space? Here’s a way to maximize room.

26. It’s amazing what you can fit in that normally wasted space between studs.

There’s a DIY available here.

27. Need the feeling of more space in a room? Mirrored tiles to the rescue!

28. Rock your foundation with some stone work or tiles.

H/T Buzzfeed