Every Home Has This Perfect Spot For Hiding Small Valuables, Yet Few Have Realized It… Until Now

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It’s vacation season in the Northern Hemisphere, and we all want to be sure our belongings are safe when we venture out into the world. Some choose to buy safes, others dig holes, still others look into a myriad of other strategies to protect their special stashes. However, many of these are so common that we can no longer guarantee a diligent thief wouldn’t be prepared for it.

This is a problem that Make Magazine decided to solve with their new DIY video. This idea will get your creativity working. It shows a spot for hiding your belongings that almost no one would think to look for (I sure didn’t).

And even though this is now a widely circulated video, the idea and hiding spot is so good that I bet it will still remain an effective solution. If nothing else, it’ll get you imagining what other unique hiding spots there are for the safety of your treasures.

Via Make Magazine