18 Broken Things That Were TOTALLY Fixed Without A Professional’s Help

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In the DIY world, there are two ways of solving problems. One way to solve a problem, is to fix it. The second way is to just, “Git ‘r done!” What do I mean by that second option. Here are a few examples for your amusement. Get ready to facepalm.

1. What’s that? Your couch is missing a cushion? No problem. Give me 30 seconds. And ta da!

2. Broken headlight? That should do it.

3. Busted door handle fixed. Need extra security? A deadbolt should do the trick.

4. Amazing what you can solve after a bottle of Jack.

5. Waiting for the infomercial on this one.

6. So much easier than paying $2 for a case fan.

7. Falling asleep on long road trips? Problem solved.

8. What’s keeping you awake the most? The caffeine? Or not knowing when hot coffee is going to fall on your lap?

9. I’d love to see the look on the (eventual) mechanic’s face.

10. Just think of it as “vehicular prosthetics.”

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11. This is probably why mommies don’t let daddies dress daughters.

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12. Seems legit.

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13. Naturalist shower curtain rod.

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14. To be fair, have you seen how expensive new razors are?

15. “See!? Now it’s adjustable!”

16. No massage setting necessary for this shower head.

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17. Redundancy at its finest.

18. Hey, at least YOU won’t get wet. Who cares about the car?