Are Facebook Pages “Dead” For Real Estate Agents?

Hey there, Real Estate friend – I know Facebook can really burn your biscuits, but…

Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Your business page serves a HUGE purpose that you probably haven’t thought of…

Man, oh man – remember the good ol’ days of Facebook?

Back then you could throw up a post, and anyone who liked you page would see it. That’s right, there was a magical time when people saw your content and you didn’t have to pay for it.

Oh, and it was all chronological, too. You could post about tomorrow’s open house on a Friday afternoon, and people would show up right on time Saturday. It was amazing!

It’s not like that anymore.

Nowadays, even if you’ve cultivated a large audience, only a few folks ever see what you share.

And if you post about something on a Friday, they might see it Friday night, or the following Tuesday, or… never!

To be frank, these changes kinda suck. It’s a very common complaint from agents (and everyone, really) that their posts get no love… no eyeballs… no traction whatsoever.

I feel your pain. Facebook is a constantly moving target, even your BFF doesn’t see your stuff, and if you do decide to start paying to play, the backend of the ad manager looks kinda like a NASA control panel.

It’s enough to make any sane person want to slam the laptop shut and write off the book o’ faces forever.

So most agents take the path of least resistance… they leave their pages as-is and quit the Facebook game.

Because of this, most real estate agents’ pages are barren wastelands. Either they stopped posting back in 2012, or they throw up the occasional open house listing, get no likes or comments, and disappear back into the woodwork again.

(Don’t let this be your Facebook page)

Don’t go just yet, my friend. There’s a purpose for your FB page and profile; it’s just not readily visible.

If you want to get noticed, it’s not a sprint… it’s a marathon.

Good content WILL fetch the love you’re seeking… but you might not know it immediately.

Here’s the deal: Not everybody who enjoys your content is inclined to go the extra mile and tap the like button. Or the share button. Or, heaven forbid, string together multiple letters to form an actual comment… c’mon, that’s a lot of effort!

That doesn’t mean it’s all for nothing, though.

People ARE watching (but not engaging), and I can prove it… Check these out.

Not too shabby, right?

Btw, that screenshot came from one of my “Inner Circle” members? Oh, what’s that you ask? For now, let’s just say that I have a knack for helping agents like yourself stay top-of-mind on social media…

And screenshots like that aren’t isolated incidents. Other members have shared stories like this again and again and again.

This brings up an interesting question. Why does this uncommon content marketing approach work? How are these folks “beating the system” even with the dreaded algorithm keeping their content on the DL?

The secret sauce behind this success is twofold.

One, posting quality content still matters. If you can uplift, educate, inspire, or just plain put a smile on someone’s face, they’re that much more likely to remember you. When you’re the gal (or guy) who shares clever content on a regular basis, you will be remembered… in a good way!

This is because subtle, yet clever, top-of-mind awareness beats pounding people over the noggin’ with “Look at me, I’m an agent!” every time.


Two, more than anything else, you’re slowly branding yourself as an interesting person.

Creating a well-curated, often-updated Facebook presence builds what I call a “trust base”.

See, whenever most people are looking to choose an agent, they do a little Facebook snooping.

(This makes sense, right? When looking for a new hairstylist, or a veterinarian, or insert-business-of-your-choice-here, you do it, too, I bet. I know I do.)

Well, if your Facebook page is outdated and doesn’t have current content, people assume that you’re also going to be mediocre (or worse, inactive).

Folks put massive trust into a person’s / company’s Facebook page — it’s the first place a lot of people look for clues and figure out the vibe and personality of an agent before they go any further.

The bottom line here?

Good content still matters, even if it seems like nobody sees it. Why? Because prospects WILL snoop on your social media before deciding to biz with you. We ALL do this. And when prospects do this to you, you don’t wanna look boring (or worse, out of the game entirely).

So with this in mind, you don’t have to furiously refresh your post over and over to see who likes it RIGHT NOW…

You just have to keep working away, posting quality content, and building that trustworthy, memorable foundation.

The Solution to Looking Good On Social Media:

You might be groaning inwardly right now. Maybe you were thinking I’d tell you, “Heck yeah, give up on Facebook!”

Well, I can’t tell you that. Turns out you DO need it.

I can tell you how to make all your Facebookin’ efforts way easier, though.

There’s a simple recipe to follow: Post quality content (with a dose of real estate mixed in) on a regular basis.

This is where so many agents fall apart, though. What counts as quality content? How do I entertain people if I’m not always funny? And, perhaps most importantly, where do I find time in my life to create all of this stuff?

And that’s where our done-for-you solution comes in. I mentioned it earlier…

The Inner Circle.

What is the Inner Circle? It’s an on-demand content marketing library just for real estate agents like you. It’s basically your own personalized real estate content marketing machine.

You can read a lot more about it here, but the short version is this:

When you join the Inner Circle, all the heavy lifting of content creation is done FOR you.

All you have to do is sign up, pick your favorite content, add your own logo (it takes about two clicks), and then share this attention-grabbing content regularly.

Oh, and you can also use the Inner Circle to schedule the content ahead of time, so you won’t even be glued to your phone trying to remember to post once a day at 10am.

You might be wondering, “Why does this work where other methods fail?”

I’ll tell you.

It’s because top-of-mind marketing (which is this thing you’re doing when you post Inner Circle content) is all about ‘pulling’ not ‘pushing.’

You’re not pushing yourself onto anyone.

Not pushing content in their face that’s boring or irrelevant.

Because not everyone is interested in your gorgeous 5/3 colonial on 3 acres with a pool that’s listed below appraisal.

But levity? With a dash of real estate thrown in? THAT’s something they’ll actually want to see.

THAT’s what pulls people toward you… or makes them “come out of the woodwork” as I like to say.

The ultimate goal is to stay top-of-mind, not to ‘sell’ to them… at least not in the traditional sense of the word.

(BTW, you actually ARE selling *yourself*—as a fun, non-robotic agent in a non-aggressive way.)

But we’re not stuck in a box here. Balance is key, which is why our content runs the gamut in terms of topic and tone.

The cool thing is that wit and cleverness are the tools that give you a free pass to remind people what you do for a living… pretty much as often as you please.

And when you do that, it’s almost a given that whenever your fans, friends, and followers need to buy or sell a house, your face will be the first one they think of. You can’t buy that kind of recognition — no matter how many bus benches your face is on.

In summation, Facebook pages NOT dead for real estate agents.

It’s just time to play the game a little differently than before. You CAN become the #1 agent in everyone’s minds, and all it takes is a bit of clever content to get you there.

You can do it. The Inner Circle can help.

Wanna see more about it? Check it out here.

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